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Oregon’s First 4/20: Painting, Puffing and Passing The Joint

Not sure what to do on Oregon’s first 4/20 celebration? Chalice Farms will continually rollout ideas to keep you busy on the day the world celebrates the sacred plant, cannabis. If you like to stay busy or socialize while enjoying recreational cannabis th

Brass Tacks : Oregon’s Emerging Cannabis Market

For those involved in the cannabis industry, the only real constant right now is change. Many of the small to medium-sized businesses around the Portland area are attempting to stay ahead of the curve and interpret the law as written in Measure 91. That b

Cannabis Legalization Highlights Discrimination

As the war on drugs gradually comes to an end across the United States, differences in opportunity for Whites and Blacks are highlighted. Cannabis use among Whites and Black are the same, and yet Blacks are still 3.73 times more likely to be arrested for

Going Beyond the THC Percentage

As the cannabis industry opens up to the world, or rather, as the world begins to open up to the cannabis industry, we at Chalice Farms are excited about the opportunity to progress. Not only in our farms, processing outlets, offices and retail locations,

How to Argue in Favor of Legal Cannabis

Cannabis advocates believe this is the year for legal cannabis across the United States. If legalization goes as planned nearly 92% of Americans will live in a state with some form of marijuana legalization. As legalization spreads, let’s continue learnin

Cannabis DNA Sequencing to Boost Science and Research

Have you ever wondered what it means that a cannabis plant is called Girl Scout Cookies or Sour Diesel? What is it about an Indica that makes one have “couch lock?” Or what is it about a Sativa that makes one work in creative mode for hours? How do we kno

Feds Loosen Up and Pass A Comprehensive Drug Policy

While the legislation does not specifically address marijuana laws, it does lay the foundation for safer drug consumption, as well as utilize the harm reduction philosophy at the federal level. This is a huge win for everyone in the industry!

Drug Policies Gain Support as Marijuana Legalization Increases

Harm reduction is a public health philosophy that aims to reduce negative and oftentimes deadly consequences associated with drugs. The United States’ War on Drugs overshadowed this philosophy in the 80’s with campaigns of “Just Say No.” We know that addi

Southern Oregon Growers Protest Changes to New Law

Oregonians in Southern Oregon are protesting the passage of a new bill that forces cannabis to be classified as agricultural crop. Some cannabis activists say this directly goes against the intention of Measure 91. The new bill could further limit small,

Cannabis Activists Being Dispersed in Oregon

Portland’s World Famous Cannabis Café closes its doors after pressure from the City. After an unannounced visit from a Multnomah County tobacco specialist, owner Madeline Martinez will have her final Stoner Bingo event on March 7. City Officials are citi

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