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Cannabis Creative Conference Review

SOURCE: Mrs. Nice Guy

Last week I attended the Cannabis Creative Conference, it was held at the Expo Center in Portland. The program stated that the Cannabis Creative Conference, “was designed to be a celebration of an industry milestone in Oregon with the passing of Measure 91″. Over the course of 2 days attendees were privy to educational sessions for current business owners, or those itching to start a new endeavor. Along with the sessions that included some 27 speakers,

Out-of-state dollars could make Oregon pot capital of the country

PORTLAND, Ore. — Loose regulations when it comes to out-of-state money investing in marijuana is primed to make Oregon the pot capital of the country.

“Oregon is going to lead the nation,” said cannabis grower William Simpson.

Oregon will be the third state to set up recreational marijuana shops. Colorado and Washington both have residency requirements, which keep out-of-state businesses from investing in the marijuana business. With so much cannabis being grown in Oregon,

The Cannabis Creative Conference Is Coming To Portland This Month

Last night I got to hear about the Cannabis Creative Conference while attending the Portland Women Grow event. The event’s organizer, Mary Lou Burton, was extremely entertaining. I really like that the event is ‘from the industry, for the industry.’ So many marijuana business events these days are run by people that have virtually no experience in the cannabis industry, nor have they fought to reform the cannabis laws that created the opportunities that are around today.


An interview with William Simpson, a cannabis industry expert, about Measure 91 and cannabis legalization in Oregon, what it means and its effects on Oregon’s economy, and about the Cannabis Creative Conference in July.

Click HERE To listen to the informative interview


The Oregonian Interviews William Simpson regarding pesticides

Pest control
West Linn grower takes a conservative approach to pesticides

June 11, 2015

William Simpson has one requirement before visitors enter his pristine marijuana grow site: They need to wrap their shoes in white paper booties.

Pests — mites in particular — hitch rides on shoes. Mold and pollen, too. All of it can quickly contaminate cannabis plants and wipe out a crop.

Chalice Farms to Sponsor the Cannabis Creative Conference

Join us for a two-day conference at the Expo Center on July 29 & 30, 2015, featuring Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, a large partner Exhibition Hall and a slew of networking opportunities at the Northwest’s preeminent cannabis trade event.

You can register for the event now or get more information.

Chalice Farms Has a Seat On the Rules Advisory Committee

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission, charged with regulating the distribution and sale of recreational marijuana, has established a committee to develop rules for the State’s regulated marijuana industry. William Simpson, president and founder of Chalice Farms, will join 14 other growers, retailers and officials on the Rules Advisory Committee to provide a balanced approach to marijuana regulation.

The Big Idea – Get Pot Right

William Simpson, president and founder of Chalice Farms, will join a panel of experts and regulators on Tuesday, April 14, to discuss the challenges lawmakers face implementing Measure 91. Get Pot Right will explore marijuana regulation, retail taxation, and preventing underage consumption. The event is open to the public. Get tickets here.

Update: watch the video of the discussion here.

Testimony to the Measure 91 Joint Committee

William Simpson joined a panel of medical cannabis growers to testify to the Measure 91 Joint Committee, outlining how Chalice’s farming practices embody the high standards regulation and licensure will require. Providing a “virtual tour” of one of our farms, he covered internal security practices, tracking systems from seed to sale, best practices to minimize the harmful effects of chemicals, and the benefits of our perpetual growth method that provides consistent availability of medicine for patients.

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