Smokin’ Hot Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Cannacouple

February 13, 2017

Smokin’ Hot Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Cannacouple

Call it what you like: Valentine’s Day, V-Day, the feast of Saint Valentine, or Singles Awareness Day. But come February 14, you won’t be able to deny that love is in the air. If you’re taken, you probably made dinner reservations months in advance. If you’re single, you may be making plans to cry into a pint of Chunky Monkey while you watch “The Notebook” for the umpteenth time. Please don’t do that. This V-Day, celebrate your love of cannabis — either with your significant other or with other single friends — with one or all of these smokin’ hot ideas.

The couple that rolls together, stays together

In a world of pre-rolls and edibles, the fine art of joint rolling is dying. And though the process is simple enough, it takes a lifetime to master. After you’ve killed the fatted box of chocolates, sit down with your boo and practice rolling together. If you’d rather not waste your precious flower on failed attempts, grab that long-forgotten jar of oregano hiding in the back of your cupboard and use that instead. We suggest doing everything manually; no joint rolling machines. That way, you’ll appreciate the art even more. When you’re done, you can leave sexy messages spelled out in joints all over the house!

So do the couples that cook together

You’ve heard the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” We’ll amend that to say it pretty much applies to anyone who likes to eat. Some even say food is the ultimate aphrodisiac (providing you don’t eat too much before you get busy). Remember those dinner plans you made in August? Cancel them. You’ll make a couple on the waiting list happy and you’ll get to enjoy a night in cooking together. We recommend starting with one of these savory cannabis recipes. In fact, why don’t you take the entrée and assign dessert to your SO? Then pop in a cannabis-themed (or fueled) love story like “American Ultra,” “Knocked Up,” or “The Wackness” and get high on your own food supply.

Think outside the box (of chocolates)

People the twitterpated world over will insist on giving the same gifts to each other every V-Day: flowers, candy, sexy undies, and the like. You’re better than that. Rather than leaning on the overused crutches this year, put a twist on tradition.

  • Flowers: This one’s a bit obvious, but crucial to a successful cannabis-inspired Valentine’s Day. Instead of giving bae a bouquet of roses or lilies this year, make your own bouquet (you can call it a dro-quet if you like), and give him or her something that’ll really rev the engines.
  • Candy: Again, obvious. We’ve got you covered.
  • Greeting cards: V-Day naysayers who claim the holiday was created to sell cards do have a point. We’ve gotten lazy, having other people write our “I love yous” for us. Stretch your creative muscles this year and write a cannabis-themed poem. We love every single one of these Shakespeare-esque sonnets. If the written word isn’t your thing, put together a CD of your favorite love songs that make for easy, spaced-out listening.

This February 14 is your chance to share your love of Chalice Farms with your significant other. We’ll be sure to stay fully stocked with all of our silky smooth cannabis-infused chocolate bars and truffles. All you need to do is stop by and pick some up. The edible arrangement is up to you; we’re just playing Cupid. Be sure to share your photos and stories with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtag #FindYourChalice. Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

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