How to Host a Cannabis-Inspired Thanksgiving

Whether you’re throwing a Friendsgiving or just want to break the Thanksgiving mold, make cannabis the guest of honor this year. … Read More

Rehash: 4 Alternative Uses for Kief

Rehash your kief into something else by putting it in your coffee, using it to make butter, or even turning it into e-cig juice. … Read More

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cannabis-Themed Halloween Costumes

Even with cannabis-related Halloween costumes, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. Stick to these do’s and don’ts. … Read More

Welcome to Oregon: The State of Cannabis Legalization

2016 has been a whirlwind year for cannabis legalization — and it’s just heating up. Here’s where things stand in Oregon. … Read More

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Buds and the Trees

As laws become more relaxed nationwide, more kids are growing up around cannabis. Here’s how to talk to your kids about the buds and the trees. … Read More

A Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis

Whether you’re new to cannabis or returning after an extended absence, a little bit of know-how goes a long way. Let the experts at Chalice Farms be your guide. … Read More

Edibles: The New Glass of Red Wine?

If you’re anything like us, ending the day with a glass of wine and a good book is perfection. So why not swap that glass of wine for a cannabis-infused edible? … Read More

This Bud’s for You: Oregon Craft Beer and Cannabis Pairings

We’re no strangers to good beer in Oregon. In fact, the state consistently ranks among the best in the nation for its quality, quantity, and variety of craft beers. We may be biased, but we think Oregon craft brews pair perfectly with our strains, too. Wh … Read More

“Cannabis Saved My Life”

A declaration that bold might seem glib to anyone unfamiliar with the medical benefits of cannabis. But for Ron Gometz, it happens to be the truth. … Read More

7 Oregon Walkabouts to Enhance Your Life

Still haven’t hit an Oregon trail this year? Take in every view this Pacific wonderland has to offer with 7 walkabouts that are sure to enhance your life! … Read More
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