The Chalice Farms Team

Chalice Farms has teams of experienced people working every day to ensure that Chalice Farms provides its clients with exclusive premium products and services. All Chalice Farms cannabis products are grown using cutting-edge proprietary methods using state-of-the-art closed-environment gardens, which are carefully monitored in every way. The resulting purity in the harvested plants is remarkable. All plants are processed to medical-grade standards as they undergo stringent evaluations and testing at every stage of the process, from the plant to your hand.

Even though the core team at Chalice farms has over 100-years combined experience in the cannabis industry, Chalice Farms never takes the position that ‘we know it all’. The members of the Chalice Farms team continually research and test emerging cutting-edge knowledge and technology with the goal of maintaining the highest industry standards in all phases of the Chalice Farms enterprise. Chalice Farms maintains some of the world’s finest specialty advisors and scientists on retainer at all times, as just one part of the business model to maintain Chalice Farms position as the leader in the cannabis industry.

At Chalice Farms, we think of our clients as if they are our ‘partners’. ‘Community’ is a critical value proposition to everyone working at or for Chalice Farms! Chalice Farms realizes that without our clients and their trust in our products and services, we will cease to exist. Therefore, we not only respect our clients and their needs, we treat them with the level of care and importance that is due to them! We also realize that our clients are responsible for all of the great word-of-mouth and online recommendations supporting Chalice Farms. Find Your Chalice!