Chalice Farms

With decades of combined experience in the cannabis industry, the team at Chalice Farms relentlessly pursues industry excellence on behalf of its clients. Quality control is of paramount importance at Chalice Farms! So Chalice has vertically integrated all aspect of cannabis production and distribution, which allows continuity of monitoring at every stage of the process.

Chalice Farms starts by cloning only the finest phenotypes of the cannabis strains that clients in the market today demand. But that is just the beginning! Chalice then spares no expense or detail in bringing those plants to flower, as experts monitor every stage of development right up through harvest, curing, packaging and distribution into Chalice Farms dispensaries, where the Bud Tenders are infinitely familiar with the unique attributes of each of our proprietary strains.

Let there be no mistake; Chalice Farms is dedicated in its mission to provide our clients with only the very best cannabis products available anywhere!