CHALICE FARMSTM offers the highest quality of cannabis products in a wide array of flower, extractions, oils, edibles and full body care with optimal efficacy in both retail and wholesale markets.

Chalice Farms continues to be an industry leader for both medical and recreational use, with state of the art farming practices, retail excellence, and innovative products.

Our chalice is…cannabis.

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With over 100 years of combined cannabis experience, the team at Chalice offers craft, quality products to a wide variety of people – from its new user effects carts to the more sophisticated user with its strain specific uncut oil. Chalice’s nutritionally enhanced and award-winning fruit chew line appeal across the board. Chalice has established itself as a trusted and premium brand for health and wellness, as well as for recreational enjoyment. The one thing that holds true across its diverse and expanding product line is the passion infused from seed to sale.

That’s what’s in our chalice!


GOLDEN offers a broad range of craft cannabis for a diversity of cannabis users.

We source the finest raw materials from local growers and producers to curate and create innovative, high quality products or optimal value at Chalice Farms retail stores and our dispensary partners. Premium cannabis distillate vaporizer cartridges in top line hardware and nutrient-infused fruit chew edibles made from organic ingredients utilize uncut cannabis oil extracts and developed flavorful terpenes for enhanced health, wellness and enjoyment.

Bold and Golden.


JACKPOT is an entertainment destination cart for the on-the-go fun seekers.

Jackpot is a power ball combination of high potency and rich flavor with a low ante price point. At 70% THC potency, Jackpot adds to the party with therapeutic broad spectrum cannabinoids and flavorful infused terpenes in short run limited strains.

Cased in a quality hardware delivery system, our recyclable vape pens are guaranteed to produce large volume draws time after time.

Lucky You!


ELYSIUM FIELDS is a soil-to-oil craft cannabis for the seasoned connoisseur who seeks the highest quality THC and the boldest terpene flavors for the most fluid elevated experience.

Live resin is the secret sauce with its small batch, single source strain of high cannabis terpene extracts to create a dynamic and expansive head sauce for an unparalleled entourage effect. Elysium Fields’ process starts in a sustainable, organic garden with its flower flash frozen to preserve the strongest terpenes for an ultimate flavor fest, while the high THC distillate assures a potent experience. Its C-Cell cart rocks a 30% strain specific HTE with 70% high THC distillate. Godly. Above the clouds.

Destination: Elysium Fields.

Medical Marijuana Consulting (MMC)

Medical Marijuana Consulting (MMC) is an expert legal and medical organization that provides a comprehensive service package to completely manage patients’ clinical and litigation needs associated with cannabinoid therapy. As a result of the need for litigation-sensitive, cannabis patient assessment, treatment, product delivery and long term patient management, MMC offers a suite of services to assist Lawyers, Rehab Professionals, Case Managers, Social Workers, Life Care Planners, Psychologists, Family Physicians, Physiotherapists and 3rd Party Insurance Companies manage their respective patient populations and case file requirements. In addition, MMC helps anyone with a qualifying health condition get licensed for medical marijuana under Canada’s ACMPR regulations.


MMG follows the highest safety and production standards with its state of the art grow facility. Our cannabis and cannabis products are rapidly becoming forerunners in the cannabis world. Canada is well-known for its exporting of fruits, vegetables and other vegetation, and MMG will help Canada to quickly become a world renowned cannabis exporter. MMG strives to be known throughout the world as providers of top quality products.

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