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Another Important Step in Recognizing Cannabis as Medicine in Oregon

Since fully legalizing recreational marijuana, Oregon’s medical marijuana industry has been faltering. The number of medical marijuana dispensaries is plummeting.

Recreational Cannabis Is Legal In Vegas, If You’re Able To Find It

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… which is great, unless you’re talking about cannabis. Sin City is in the middle of a marijuana meltdown due to a supply shortage that’s caused the Governor to declare a State Of Emergency.

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Summer of Sativa

20% Off All Sativa Eighths
All Summer long we’re celebrating the warmest months with specials on Sativa! In July, we’re offering a discount of 20% OFF any eighth of Sativa flower, currently in stock. We’re also extending the same special for these dank Sativa Dominant Hybrids: Blue Dream • Gorilla Glue #4 • XJ-13 • Jillybean • Primo Express • AK-48 • Quantum Kush • NYCD • Starduster.

Growing Demand For Cannabis Producers Has Some Oregon Vintners Seeing Green

Oregon is well known for it’s many vineyards. We’re also a state known for our recreational cannabis laws. The booming cannabis industry is causing some vineyards to swap out their grapes for cannabis grows.

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Oregon Cannabis Regulations Are Changing, Again

One thing is for sure, the laws and regulations of the cannabis industry will continue to change as we educate people on the medical benefits, and as state governments continue to see the financial benefits. The next variation in Oregon cannabis legislation could very well be the line currently drawn between Medical and Recreational dispensaries.

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Study Finds Cannabis Effective In Reducing Seizures

“We now have solid, rigorous scientific evidence that in this specific syndrome, cannabidiol is effective at reducing seizures,” said Dr. Orrin Devinsky, a neurologist at New York University Langone Medical Center and an author of the new study. But, he added, “This is not a panacea.”

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PAX 3 Giveaway

We're giving away a PAX 3 Dry Herb & Extract Vaporizer, to one lucky customer, this June! Visit your nearest Chalice Farms location to enter for your chance to win!

Memorial Day – Honoring Veterans

In remembrance of those who have served our country, Chalice Farms has commissioned a special edition Memorial Day T-Shirt. When you purchase one of these shirts to show your support for our vets, Chalice Farms will make a donation to Lift For The 22!

Dab Rigs. Glass Works of Art And Genius Cannatool

You’ve seen them in dispensaries and glass shops. Maybe you thought they were a piece of glass art. Maybe you thought it was the best way to enjoy extracts? Both are right.

Portlanders Are Blazing A Trail Towards Cannabis Clubs

For many renters in Oregon, enjoying cannabis at home isn’t an option, could public marijuana lounges be the answer? Here’s to hoping those fighting the good fight for on this bill are able to get it to puff-puff-pass!

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