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Portlanders Are Blazing A Trail Towards Cannabis Clubs

For many renters in Oregon, enjoying cannabis at home isn’t an option, could public marijuana lounges be the answer? Here’s to hoping those fighting the good fight for on this bill are able to get it to puff-puff-pass!

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Will Firing Up Get You Fired?

Oregon politicians made a run at getting the laws revised to prevent employers from firing employees for off-hours use of cannabis. It looks like that plan has been thwarted, at least for now.

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Cannabis + Camping, It’s High Time The Two Made It Official

Camping and Cannabis have been a logical pairing since, well, since always. Now, just in time for summer, a campground in Oregon is making it official.

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Treat Yourself To Topicals

Topicals are a great way for people to enjoy "the green" in a smoke-free manner, but what are they and how do they work?

Oregon’s Weed Keeps More Green In Your Pocket – Kinda…

We may not exactly be the cheapest, unless you are basing that on the tax rates, but even then there is up to a 3% variable tax rate across the Beaver state.

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Will States’ Rights Trump Federal Cannabis Laws?

As many of us in the cannabis industry expected, the new administration has its sights on recreational cannabis laws. Sean Spicer has said to “expect greater enforcement.” But has Sean Spicer heard of states’ rights? Many local officials, such as Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson, vow to do everything they can to ensure the federal government doesn’t undermine all the progress that’s been made in both medical and recreational cannabis. Bring on the fight.

Two Of Oregon’s Own Rally For Federal Canna-Law Revisions

Change in canna-laws look like they are taking another step forward, as Pacific Northwest politicians continue to push with others committed to revising current cannabis legislation. Oregon’s Ron Wyden and Earl Blumenauer are among those supporting a different point of view in how the feds address cannabis laws.

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Survey Finds Most Police Officers Support Medical Marijuana

While certain government officials threaten to roll back cannabis reform laws, at least the fuzz is on our side. Pew Research recently conducted a survey of police officers on a variety of issues. Among those topics was the use of cannabis for medical purposes. A rising trend shows that the men and women in blue favor the use, which could signal a trend toward wider adoption.

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How Does Cannabis Affect The Brain?

Cutting through the hype to get to the truth about the affects that cannabis does/doesn't have on your brain.

Say “I Doobie” Instead of “I Do” Weed Weddings Are Now A Thing

You can keep your photo booths, chocolate fountains, and Gatsby-themed weddings. They’re so cliché, especially now that things like smokable centerpieces, cannabis flower boutonnieres, and marijuana “toasts” are getting a warm reception among cannabis-loving couples and their wedding parties. Sounds like vows in legal states should instead read “I take you to be my lawfully weeded husband/wife.”

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