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Introducing Chalice Farms Peanut Butter Truffles

Blog_840x440 (2)Batman and Robin. Rock and roll. Chocolate and peanut butter. Some things were just meant to be together. Introducing Chalice Farms Cannabis-infused Peanut Butter Truffles!

Our goal was simple: Create the finest cannabis-infused edibles on the market. And that all began by getting our in-house extracting process down to a science to craft the purest form of THC oil available (without the cannabis taste many people don’t care for).

We enlisted the services of local chef Danielle Henyon to handle our recipes and create a mouthwatering line of edibles.

“Cannabis Saved My Life”

A declaration that bold might seem glib to anyone unfamiliar with the medical benefits of cannabis. But for Ron Gometz, it happens to be the truth.

Introducing Chalice Farms Blood Orange Gummies


While they need no introduction, we’ll give them one anyway: Introducing Chalice Farms Cannabis-infused Blood Orange Gummies!

Our journey to creating the finest cannabis-infused edibles on the market began by crafting the purest form of THC oil — without the cannabis taste many people find off-putting. Since we’ve whittled our in-house extracting process down to a science, we didn’t have to go far. That meant we could immediately begin to experiment with flavors for our gummies.

Study Finds Men Experience Pain Reduction From Cannabis, but Women Don’t

Newsletter 440x270Turns out cannabis for menstrual cramps may not be the be-all-end-all cure it was once thought to be. Dr. Ziva Cooper of Columbia University Medical Center recently conducted two double-blind studies to confirm whether cannabis affects the genders differently. The results may surprise you, and prove the need for more rigorous scientific research.

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7 Oregon Walkabouts to Enhance Your Life

Still haven’t hit an Oregon trail this year? Take in every view this Pacific wonderland has to offer with 7 walkabouts that are sure to enhance your life!

Cannabis And Pets

Animals really are people’s best friend. We love our pets like family and would do anything to heal their suffering. Cannabis as treatment for pets is on the rise thanks to companies like Inyanga Farms an Oregon cannabis company specializing in edibles an

Pay It Forward

Too many Portland families suffer from medical debt. Now’s your chance to lighten their load. As part of our mission to give back to the community, we’re teaming up with local nonprofit Dollar for Portland to help families burdened by medical debt.

Cannabis As Treatment For Mental Health

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a mental health disorder caused by witnessing or experiencing a horrible event. These events can range anywhere from eviction, divorce, and fire to war, physical abuse or domestic violence. PTSD is characterized w

Women, Athletes, Veterans and Seniors Are Shifting the Cannabis Paradigm

The cannabis industry has been consistently rebranding itself since 1996 when medical legalization was passed in California. Cannabis rebranding has definitely picked up pace as Colorado, Washington and Oregon passed recreational cannabis. The open market

The Positive Effects of Taking A Break From Cannabis

Have you noticed that over time you must increase your cannabis dose to see the same effects as when you started smoking? Regardless of the types of strains you consume or the device you use to consume, your tolerance for cannabis will change over time. Y

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