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Cannabis Laws

Cannabis laws vary wildly from state to state. Whether you are on vacation or consuming from home it is imperative to know your local cannabis laws. Check out our interactive cannabis law map to see what laws apply to your area.

State Marijuana Laws in 2018 Map – Governing

State Marijuana Laws in 2018 Map Thirty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have passed laws broadly legalizing marijuana in some form.

legal faq’s

Where can I enjoy cannabis legally?2019-01-13T11:33:20+00:00

Recreational cannabis consumption is not allowed in a public place. For more information visit:

Is it safe to combine cannabis and alcohol use?2019-01-13T11:32:35+00:00

At Chalice Farms we do not recommend that you combine cannabis and alcohol. Cannabis and alcohol have a synergistic effect that can make both products much more unpredictable. THC absorption can be increased with alcohol use, contributing to a more intense psychoactive effect. Many users report the spins, sickness, and nausea after combining cannabis and alcohol.

What is the daily limit I can purchase?2019-01-13T11:34:44+00:00

A recreational customer cannot purchase more than the following amounts at any one time or within one day:

  • One ounce of usable marijuana if a recreational consumer
  • 24 ounces of usable marijuana if a registered OMMP patient or designated primary caregiver
  • 16 ounces of a cannabinoid product in solid form
  • 72 ounces of a cannabinoid product in liquid form
  • Five grams of cannabinoid extracts or concentrates, whether sold alone or contained in an inhalant delivery system
  • Four immature marijuana plants and
  • Ten marijuana seeds
How much cannabis am I allowed to carry with me?2019-01-13T11:31:56+00:00

Recreational cannabis users in Oregon can carry up to one ounce of cannabis flower with them at a time. If you are in your private residence or property you can possess up to 8 ounces (1/2 pound) of cannabis.

Can I drive cannabis to another state with a legal cannabis program?2019-01-13T11:31:21+00:00

No. Even if both states have legal adult-use cannabis programs you cannot transport cannabis over state lines. This would be considered interstate trafficking of a controlled substance.

Can I fly with cannabis?2019-01-13T11:30:45+00:00

No. The TSA will report any findings of cannabis to local law enforcement. This also applies to medical patients as well.

Can I ship cannabis?2019-01-13T11:30:12+00:00

No, you may not ship cannabis. Certain states have different laws regarding shipping of cannabis within state lines. It is never permissible to ship cannabis interstate.

Will I fail a drug test after using cannabis products?2019-01-13T11:29:26+00:00

Yes. Users will fail a drug test after consuming THC. Cannabis topicals shouldn’t trigger a failed test. At Chalice Farms we never recommend using cannabis products if the user is concerned with passing a drug screening.

Is all your flower from your Farm?2019-01-13T11:28:51+00:00

We do not currently sell any cannabis from our own in house grow. We currently partner with fabulous Oregon vendors to provide high quality cannabis flower.

How do I get my medical card?2019-01-13T11:28:08+00:00

You can get a medical card in Oregon with a qualifying medical condition and a doctor’s recommendation. If your doctor won’t recommend a patient card there are various local clinics that write the recommendation with documentation of a qualifying condition.

How do you choose which vendors to work with or what products to carry?2019-01-13T11:27:28+00:00

We thoroughly inspect all product that we take in for freshness and quality. If the product does not meet our strict standards we will not carry it. All vendors that we partner with are recreational producers in the state of Oregon.

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