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chalice tv: eat my weeds

Topic: Culinary Cannabis

A new ingredient is coming to a cookbook near you – cannabis. This plant, with its growing acceptance (and legalization) could soon be considered part of mainstream produce and is being included by curious and exploratory foodies in many dishes for a heightened culinary experience. Penn and Kiki get chopping in the kitchen with top chefs to creatively find ways to incorporate this amazing, terpene-rich plant into their dishes for optimal surprise and delight.


Eat My Weeds: Hand Grön

Christine Smith, founder of grön, infuses hand-crafted, small-batch chocolates with cannabis for an elevated experience. Her line of delicious bars, bites and bits have rapidly spread throughout Oregon and her visionary grön CBD cafes will soon be popping up across the country.

Eat My Weeds: Leather Storrs

Eat My Weeds: Leather Storrs Fresh from a stint on Bong Appetite, Leather sits down with Penn at his esteemed Noble Rot eatery in Portland for an infused lunch of freshly picked greens for the [...]