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Topic: Cannabis Law

The laws they are a changin’! Across the globe, cannabis is slowly but surely coming out of its illegal status into the light of medical and recreational use, and where there is change, there is new opportunity. Penn and Kiki talk to two of the top advocates for cannabis legalization – Oregon’s Representative Earl Blumenauer who has carried this torch since 1973 and has changed the tide in Oregon and DC, and Amy Margolis who started as a defense attorney for busted marijuana users to now advising businesses on how to thrive in this expanding industry. Reform. Perform. The new norm!


Legalese: The Commune

Legalese: Amy Margolis If you have been anywhere near the cannabis world you know the name Amy Margolis. As a criminal attorney in Oregon she spent the first part of her career in the court [...]

Legalese: Our Next Guest Needs No Introduction

Legalese: Congressmen Earl Blumenauer For over 45 years, this gentleman has been advocating for cannabis legalization. This steward of change has been instrumental in Oregon being the first state to decriminalize cannabis. He is the [...]