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chalice tv: women in weed

Business owners, growers, event coordinators, and industry experts weigh in on what it means to be a woman in the quickly changing landscape of cannabis. Kiki and Penn explore how their actions are making strides towards a more diverse and equitable industry.

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Women in Weed : Yerba Buena

Kiki has always loved Yerba Buena's approach to cultivating the best quality cannabis flowers. She recruits Penn to visit this sustainable farm to discuss the science, energy, and love that goes into every plant at Yerba Buena.

Women in Weed: Hand Grön

Christine Smith, founder of grön, infuses hand-crafted, small-batch chocolates with cannabis for an elevated experience. Her line of delicious bars, bites and bits have rapidly spread throughout Oregon and her visionary grön CBD cafes will soon be popping up across the country.

Women in Weed: Raising Hell

As CEO of HiFi Farms, Sara Batterby came with little knowledge of growing cannabis but invalubale expereince of raising capital. Sara now applies her expertise to training women and minorities on how to raise money for new business ventures. When asked how much should a young company raise, she replies “How big a bat do you want to swing?”

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