Dab Rigs. Glass Works of Art And Genius Cannatool

May 25, 2017

Dab Rigs. Glass Works of Art And Genius Cannatool

We’ve previously explored dabbing, and shared some insight into why dabbers are such avid fans of this method for enjoying cannabis. That is only the tip of the iceberg however. Dab rigs need some significant time dedicated to them specifically. The terms pipe, bong, joint are common in modern day vernacular, dab rigs is one that isn’t quite so well known. Dabbers smoke their shatter/oil/extract with a dab rig. Dab rigs can be pens, glass pipes, or straws (also called nectar collectors.) There are a lot of tools that fall under the umbrella term of dab rigs. There are a lot of rigs out there: faberge eggs, nectar collectors, recyclers, beakers, barrels, a wide range of bubblers, pass-throughs, stacks, banger hangers, straight tubes, double and triples, bent necks. And for every kind of rig that’s out there, is a dabber who swears that the type of rig they use is the best rig.

By now you’re probably more confused than when we started; don’t feel bad, there’s a lot of take in. Rest assured, as with all of the ways people are enjoying cannabis, there isn’t a right or wrong way to dab. And those are just the glass dab rigs. There are e-nails, vaporizers, and dab straws, Sidecars, cereal rig, spiral coil, baby bottle, pucks, nanos, coin rig, quartz nail, quartz banger, stack torch tube, picket piece, pocket monster ball, all a different variation for a way to take the cannabis extract from a solid or semi-solid form, and transform it into a smokable (vaporized) version.

And once you decide the type of rig you want to try, you’re still only part of the way there. After you’ve chosen the type of rig you’re looking for, narrowed that down, you are faced with which brand you want to choose, from there it gets a little trickier.  You might want to try buying something that you’d feel comfortable having on your table, or out somewhere you can see it on a regular basis. Someplace that you can look at it, on a regular basis. Describing dab rigs as glass works of art is no exaggeration. One of the sometimes hidden benefits of dab rigs, is that to the average person, it will just look like a cool piece of … all together now … glass work of art! You won’t want to hide these away in a cupboard or closet, as some people do with their pipes/bongs. Keep them out where you can truly appreciate all of the work that glass blower put into your custom piece. Did we mention that no two are alike? Due to the nature of glass, even the pieces that are mass produced are still one-ok-a kind. And generally speaking the more bells/whistles on your rig, the better the chances are that was made by hand.

At Chalice Farms, you will find a wide selection of these art pieces, exclusively from fellow Portland favorite, Mary Jane’s House of Glass. Selections do vary, depending on which of our locations you’re visiting. Our knowledgeable and friendly Product Specialists are well versed in the different types of rigs we carry, and they’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Please don’t hesitate to ask, we love to share our knowledge of products and help people find a new way to enjoy cannabis, a question answered that has long been on your mind, or just share our personal experiences with you, or hear yours. We really do like to get to know those that are visiting our dispensaries. We’re all part of the cannabis community, and the sharing of knowledge is one thing we’re happy to say we do quite well at Chalice Farms. For some dabbing may look complicated, but if you ask someone who dabs, they will usually tell you that it’s their preferred way to enjoy cannabis. It’s a unique experience, that honestly can’t be explained, it has to be experienced. We are happy to answer questions about the type of rig for you, based on your level of comfortability, your profile range, as well as the feeling you’re seeking. One suggestion we give to anyone who is dabbing is dabbing for the first time… try it at home, rather than out in a social setting. You’ll understand why after your first dab. It really is unlike anything else.  Find your chalice at one of our four Oregon locations.


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