Treat Yourself To Topicals

April 11, 2017

Treat Yourself To Topicals

Topicals are increasingly becoming a preferred method for cannabis enthusiasts who, for various reasons, prefer to enjoy the benefits of “the green” without smoking it. Cannabis infused spa related self-care items aren’t a new idea. Today’s topicals offer many of the same small batch benefits as the old school products, are readily available, and come in a wide range of options.

The recent explosive increase in the number of topicals available is due to the abundance of folks asking for alternative healing and relief methods. There is a growing number of people within the cannabis community who are focusing on ways to offer a more holistic approach to solutions for everything from a simple headache, to boudoir boosters. And so we are on the same page, treating yourself is for everyone, topicals are all-inclusive, each and every one of us deserve to feel good. Finding relief from the aches and pains of life is something we are seeing people looking for, across all ages, genders and geographies.

So why topicals, and how are they different from smoking? It all comes down to how you’ll feel, or more accurately …how you’ll not feel. As humans, we all have different body chemistry, so what you will feel and how quickly will depend on you. As a generalization of the products that are under the topical umbrella, there is not a noticeable “high,” feeling associated. The science behind that has to do with our body’s great barrier, the skin. When someone uses a topical, the skin absorbs some of the cannabinoids, however it is rarely able to penetrate deep enough to get into the bloodstream. The inability to cross that blood barrier, is what prevents most people from that “high,” feeling.

How are people using topicals? That’s a tough question given the number of products that are out there: sprays, balms, conditioner/shampoo, sticks, oils, salves, to name a few. There are even Epsom salts and bath bombs, that people often use to relax after then end of a long day, to relax. There are athletes and exercise enthusiasts who swear by the effects of topicals in relieving the muscle tension that comes with over- exerting oneself. The list of topicals is long.

The active ingredient in the majority of topicals is, of course, the infusion of cannabis. The additional ingredients are largely what contribute to the texture, odor and scent associated with that particular product. While you might hear from some people that “topicals are too greasy,” that is not necessarily the case anymore. With such a wide range to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

There are some topicals that feature ingredients most oft associated with aromatherapy, those tend to have a noticeable flowery base. Others lead with a more herbal note, sometimes referred to as medicinal, with a vibe of camphor and/or eucalyptus. Still others bring the heat, or sweet, with scents of vanilla and the occasional addition of capsaicin’s peppery punch, respectively. Some have helpful carrier oils which are included to help with the absorption of cannabis. What does that mean for you? In general, carrier oils lead to a faster acting effect.

What some people do say they experience, with topical use, is relief from pain, reduced inflammation, and offers some a calming feeling. Topicals can breach the top layer of the skin, and connect with some of our body’s sensory receptors. That process is how they’re able to provide the benefits that they do. There are a few exceptions to the no-buzz feeling, so be sure to check the label of the products you are researching, and always feel free to ask your budtender questions. You will find a wide selection of topicals available at all of our Chalice Farms locations. Our friendly and knowledgeable Product Specialists will happily help you find the products to best suit your goals.

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