Over the years, there has been a increase in the ways to consume cannabis. Cannabis products can be inhaled, eaten, applied to the skin, dropped under the tongue, or vaporized depending on a consumer’s needs. Depending on the desired effect, onset time, longevity of effects, and an individual consumer’s consumption restrictions or health concerns, some consumption methods may be preferable to others. Review our Consumption Method breakdown to determine what type of cannabis consumption method works best for you!

Combustion (Flower):

The flower of cannabis can be smoked in a variety of ways: rolled joint, blunt, pipe, water pipe, bong and a host of new inventions and contraptions that appear daily on the market. The onset time is 5-15 Minutes to feel full effects and it lasts 1-2.5 Hours. The benefits are the classic cannabis effects. The flower is single strain-specific so you can predict the attributes. The drawbacks of smoking is it may be more harmful to lungs than other forms of cannabis consumption.

Vaporization (Flower):

Vaporizer pens have become increasingly popular in the past decade for their all in one portability. Cannabis flowers are distilled into an oil that is encapsulated in a cartridge and then vaporized through a pen system. The most common vaporizer pen looks like a writing pen, with a mouthpiece to draw from. Other designs of flower vaporizers include the PAX, Firefly, Volcano systems that have a unique internal combustion system. The onset of effects occurs within 5-15 Minutes lasting 1 – 2.5 hours. The benefits of this method of consumption is it produces a more discreet e-smoke than burning cannabis.


Edible cannabis has a wide array of products, from chocolates, candies, brownies, cookeis, sauces and drinks. Since it is digested, the onset is slower and caries with each body. Om average, the effects will be felt within 45 mins-2 hours but can last between 4-8 hours as it is processed through your digestive system.

It is easy to microdose based on serving size and is obviously, better for your lungs than smoking or vaporization. As with all cannabis products, there is a high variability between users, brands, and experiences.


Cannabis also comes in extracts or concentrates that can be vaporized or smoked.
With a cartridge or a dab, which is heated up from its solid resin form to create a smoked inhale. The onset time is immediate and the effects last between 2-4 hours.
These extracts are known to have a high terpene profile or flavor and since they are a concentrate, can be felt with just one hit. This product is for the more experienced cannabis user.


Cannabis can also be delivered through a topical method such as creams, balms, oils, bath products, etc. The cannabinoids will be directed to the specific point where you rub it. Depending on the strength, the effects can take between 5-30 mins and last 4-5 hours
It can be a “spot treatment” and non-psychoactive and help to relieve focused points.


In addition to topicals are THC/CBD patches or gels that are also applied directly to the skin and are transdermally absorbed. The onset takes 15-30 mins and can be long lasting, up to 8-12 Hours. They can offer a consistent delivery and dosing with a slow release of cannabinoids into the bloodstream. They can be psychoactive, unlike topical products, iot they have a level of THC.


These cannabis products are delivered under the tongue in the form of tinctures. The tincture is absorbed under the tongue and felt within 25-60 mins lasting 3-6 hours, depending on the dosage. Some are incredibly concentrated and up to 1,000 mg of THC. Best top keep them away form light and heat to preserve their effectiveness. Must be kept in an airtight, opaque bottle.