Ace of Spades

Aces high! This special indica-dominant hybrid, originally bred by the good folks at TGA Subcool Seeds, has a permanent place on many patients’ “hit” lists. Her dark-suited hand smells incredibly sweet, with distinct citrus and lemon compliments. A cross between Black Cherry Soda, a very stony indica, and Jack the Ripper, a high-energy sativa strain, the Ace is a prime example of another wonderful, true medical-grade plant.

Many cannabis growers know that you can “purple out” virtually any strain, by feeding it purple-inducing, often times synthetic nutrients, or by dropping the temperature in the last week of flower. However, the rich, dark purple flowers intermingled amongst frosted, forest green leaves on Aces’ buds are the product of her genetics, not the growers’ direct techniques. Big, fluffy, bubbly nuggets are jam packed with milky, resinous trichomes that will send you soaring.

Sometimes, patients are fooled into believing that the medicinal cannabis with the highest THC percentage also correlates to the best medication. While it’s possible this is the case, the vast majority of the time, it is not. Ace of Spades has an extremely powerful and complex combination of cannabinoids that synergistically interact to induce a variety of healing effects. MMJ is kind of like music or movies in a way, experienced individually and subjectively, but rooted in the science of brain chemistry rather than the arts of music and cinema.

Ace initially provides a powerful burst of energy, lasting anywhere from 30-60 minutes after medication, and a long, mellow, afterburner body stone, inherited from her indica lineage of Black Cherry Soda. You don’t have to be a rambler or a gambler to know a gem when you see one.

Ace of Spades, spark it if you got it.

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