Black Cherry Soda

Everyone has heard of C. Sativa and C. Indica, but Cannabis Ruderalis? Meet one of the members of the less-common marijuana species C. Ruderalis, Black Cherry Soda. Built like an indica, functioning as a sativa, her evolutionary roots are robust and commingled. And just as indicas and sativas have their own unique physical traits and produce distinct physiological effects, so too do ruderalis and their hybrids like this one.

BCS smells extremely sweet, like a handful of fresh summer cherries just picked off the tree. Gargantuan, dark purple and green buds are glazed with trichomes containing many different cannabanoids and terpenes that can be used to treat a variety of symptoms. Black Cherry Soda can especially help patients experiencing stomach/G.I. issues, or recreational customers who need that extra boost of energy or spark of creativity.

She is definitely a hybrid with high THC content and a notably clear-headed body high. Testing out at over 23 percent THC, Black Cherry is a Northern species that thrives under lower-light conditions, adapted for more extreme latitudes with an early flower season at just 6 weeks. Sometimes referred to as “Hungarian Ditch Weed”, these plants grow beast-like. Something out of the forest with giant, purple and green flowers the size of a man’s forearm. Huge fan leaves, some larger than dinner plates, protrude out from the thick, knotty branches.

Medical Patients and connoisseurs may be familiar with one of Black Cherry Soda’s notable offspring, Ace of Spades, another particularly potent sativa/indica cross.

For a treat that’s far out of the ordinary, and straight from the fountain, it’s all about ‘dat Black Cherry Soda action boss!

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