Blue Dream

A powerful sativa-dominant hybrid and a true classic on the West Coast medical cannabis scene. She was ingeniously created from the ever-popular Blueberry (indica), and the infamous Haze (super-sativa) strain of Amsterdam. Blue Dream provides an abundance of energy, an extremely lucid experience with a graceful touch-down that makes hybrid strains almost always better than pure sativas and indicas.

This one is an absolute classic as far as sativa-dominant hybrids go. Known for her ability to provide patients with a noticeable increase in energy, she also yields an extremely clear-headed and euphoric experience. For her uncanny ability to play both sides of the fence, this particular strain has earned a top spot in many West Coast and Colorado patients’ medicine cabinets.

For those who experience chronic pain, depression, fatigue and/or post-traumatic stress disorder, “The Dream” awaits! Patients will find that B.D. can lift their spirits up and out of whatever funk they were in before, and redirect them towards a more positive direction. Avoid medicating with this strain before bed unless you know your body and how it reacts to strains that highlight the many beneficial qualities of a sativa-dominant hybrid.

Blue Dream is the product spawned from Blueberry and the legendary super-sativa, Haze. The result is an absolutely fantastic product with an impeccably seamless finish which consistently proves itself against other sativa-dominant strains that less experienced patients might consider as being in its class. Chronic pain patients will also love how she beautifully expresses her indica heritage in the accompanying miraculous body high.

As far up as “The Dream” takes you, and it is far, B.D. doesn’t drop the bottom out from under you, but rather sets you down as gently as a mother places her newborn baby in a cradle.

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