Blueberry Crisp

Ahh, Blueberry Crisp… Another amazing sativa-dominant hybrid strain, with a unique top-tier phenome, from the folks at Chalice Farms.

Blueberry Crisp is the cannabis strain that harkens back to the idyllic scene of a warm blueberry pie/cobbler/crisp that your grandmother placed on the window sill, all those years ago. It was the hour before dusk of a hot summer day and you and your best friend were in the back yard climbing the walnut trees, competing to see who could go higher. And then the sweet, sugary waft of blueberries baked in warm dough immediately steers your attention back to present day.

Grandma’s home-made blueberry crisp will never lose its nostalgia, nor should it! Now available in “adult-form”, this strain provides amazing relief that many other Sativa-dominant hybrids just can’t touch. Grown indoors, right here in the Oregon, this plant produces massive colas that are dark blue and green, that shine bright with a thick coating of resinous trichomes.

A complex combination of cannabinoids and terpenes produce many beneficial medicinal effects as well as a delightful smell and taste. Patients who suffer from day-time fatigue, or who experience chronic pain from diseases such as fibromyalgia or multiple sclerosis, will particularly appreciate this strain. Also, those who enjoy playing sports, but are limited by physical issues will really appreciate the healing properties of Blueberry Crisp. There is little to no “couch-lock” effect with this strain, a good choice for those who need to medicate without getting completely lost in the haze.

One of the sweetest-smelling strains available on the market today, take a bite out of Blueberry Crisp. Without the calories.

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