This beauty is the all-in-one package, as far as cannabis strains go… 50% indica, 50% sativa. Gently squeeze the flowers from the Chernobyl plant and inhale through your nose to release a super smooth and sweet, lemon-lime citrus bouquet with complementing earthy undertones.

Her user-friendly nature is inherent in all aspects of this neat hybrid plant. Patients who medicate with Chernobyl will likely feel increased cerebral activity, with the heavy body stone indicative of her indica lineage. A favorite for patients who medicate during the evening, her genetics are a combination of Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack The Ripper.

She is a real beauty, and we have the eyes of the beholder. Even the leaves are so incredibly frosty, it is hard to tell them apart from the flower itself – and you don’t need to. The plant’s dark-green, photosynthesizing component chlorophyll is almost completely overwhelmed by milky-white trichomes on these fluffy nuggets. The result is a shiny, shimmering, sheen, back-dropped by a soft green glow.

The local growers at Chalice Farms have developed a unique phenotype of Chernobyl called C4 that I highly recommend and regularly enjoy. To have a unique phenotype of a certain strain of cannabis, the grower must have started the plant from seed, not from cuttings or clones off another plant, which CF did. The Chernobyl that you may have run into before probably has the same plant genetics, but assuredly not the superior physical traits that C4 physically manifests. Notice in the cannabinoid profile below, that C4 is loaded with THCV: tetrahydrocannabivarin. This organic compound allows for more cannabinoid receptors in our brains to be accessed. Not convinced? Try adding some C4 in with your favorite strain next time you medicate.

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