Orange Crush

This sativa-dominant hybrid is surely in a class of its own, containing qualities that simply do not exist in other high-level cannabis cross-strains of today’s pre-recreational, MMJ market. Patients who medicate with Orange Crush will experience a powerful increase of energy that lasts for hours. OC may not be a strain for the lightweights, but for those seasoned patients who need the drive of a sativa with the headiness of an indica, this one is for you.

In a bellowing puff of smoke, this bountiful and entirely distinct variety of cannabis elevates itself well above the others. OC is the hybridized offspring of California Orange, just one of the epic flavors pioneered by cannabis expert Ed Rosenthal, and another notorious variety, Blueberry. If you investigate into the genetics of some of your other favorite strains of mj, you will probably find that Blueberry constitutes a main branch of cannabis’ constantly growing and changing evolutionary tree.

Just like when you pop open a can of that good ol’ fashioned sweet, orange-flavored soft drink, nuggets of this Orange Crush smell and taste exceptionally close to what the name implies. The Light green flowers covered in orange pistils (hairs), covered with a frosty layer of trichomes will have your mouth and mind watering.

From its deep, strong and healthy roots, that grow covered in white, furry, spiny sets of hyphae, to the offspring that OC will one day undoubtedly bring forth, she is truly an American classic.

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