Purple God Bud

Purple God Bud is a blessing from the heavens above, a gift from the creator himself to the medical patients of the 21st century. Dense, dark-green and purple flowers and a healthy level of “bling” make it impossible to touch this medicinal strain without your fingers getting sticky.

For many patients, she is a “one hitter quitter”, a strong, indica-dominant hybrid three-way cross of God, Hawaiian and Purple Skunk. Just like her effects, she smells and tastes strong, with pungent, skunky notes of soil and earth. She is especially great for evening use or right before bed as a nightcap. When asked if there is one strain you would take with you if eternally stranded on a deserted island, many patients would say God Bud.

GB is a great alternative to the synthetic, anti-depressant drugs that are endorsed and commercially advertised by doctors, big business, the media, and even governments of the Western world. GB can produce feelings of euphoria and can greatly increase creativity. Patients that medicate to treat chronic pain, or suffer intense anxiety from high levels of stress also hold God Bud in high esteem. Combat veterans who suffer from PTSD can utilize GB to help alleviate night terrors and other sleep issues.

Thankfully, she is not the forbidden fruit denied to mankind in the Beginning, but rather a current, natural remedy for a variety of debilitating symptoms.

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