White Widow

It is my true pleasure to highlight this classic, heavy hitting strain that will surely be immortalized in the canon for ages to come. Originating in Amsterdam and populating many of the coffee shops in the small Dutch country across the drink, the Widow has returned to the Northwest unlike ever before. At a whopping 27% THC content, she is a potent medicine, used to heal mental illness such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and even insomnia.

White Widow is an exotic cross between Brazilian Sativa Landrace and South Indian Indica, whose genetics have been well-researched and undergone significant experimentation for over a decade. The plant species Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica show a biological aptitude to pass on especially desirable traits when bred together and grown in ideal conditions. This phenomenon, called polymorphism, has been utilized not only by the original breeders of the strain, but local Northwest growers as well.

The polymorphism found in Chalice Farms’ unique phenotype of White Widow is simply unreal. Her mainstalk and branches are thick, robust and fibrous, providing an excellent frame to support hundreds of flower sites. The flowers are completely loaded with resin, a highly desirable trait passed on from her predecessor, the South Indian Indica.

White Widow buds smell and taste earthy, almost woody with a strong and pungent backdrop that is known to send patients into a blissful fog of peace and relaxation. Best enjoyed in the evening or just before bed, this White Widow will bite in only the best of ways.

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